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Site Policy

The official site for the OMG Certified UML Professional Exam is run as a customer service. This site quickly and accurately provides information about testing and training to certified UML professionals, and to persons who intend to obtain certification.

Copyrights/Terms of Use
All content on this Website is copyrighted by UML Technology Institute (UTI).
Duplication, modification, or redistribution of any copyrightable materials on this Website (including, but not limited to images, text, design, layout, software, and trademarks) is prohibited without the prior consent of UTI. As an exception to the above, such content may be copied as permitted by law, such as for personal or non-commercial use, providing that our copyright is displayed. If you would like to use copyrightable materials/trademarks on this Website for any other purpose, please send a request to, including details about the purpose of use, application, and other pertinent information.
Names of companies, products, services, and technologies on this Website may use the trademarks of their respective companies.
UML is a trademark of Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG).

Disclaimer of Warranties
All the contents and services on this Web site are offered by UTI on a no-warranty basis: any person who visits the site is requested to read and use them on his or her own responsibility.
Although UTI always does its best to provide contents and services that are as accurate as possible, there might be cases in which they contain typographical errors/incorrect information or in which UTI fails to provide sufficient information/service for some reason or other. UTI shall not be held responsible for any damage arising from the reading or use of content/service on this Web site. Please note that the contents of the site are subject to change without notice.